To the Brattleboro Office:

15 Butterfly Lane (GPS ADDRESS: 26 Elliot Terrace)

From Union St.  turn onto Beech St., which is just about in the middle of the hill on Union, on the left if going down, on the right if going up the hill.

Go past the red house on your right, and then turn right down an unsigned street. (Elliot Terrace)

Pass 2 houses on your left, and make a left onto Butterfly Lane.

We are the last house in this row, follow the alley to the big yellow building with the handicap ramp at the end of the street.



To the Wilmington Office:

34 E Main Street, Wilmington


To Wild Hopes Farm:

 230 Town Hill Rd., Whitingham

 From the Junction of Rtes 9 and 100 in Wilmington-

Take Rte 100 South.   ( If you are on  Rte  9 coming from Brattleboro, this is a left.) 

Travel   3.7 miles and make a right onto the  Wilmington Cross Rd.

Travel   2.1  miles  to a stop sign.  You are going to go straight across the road to Goodnow Rd. You will

see the street sign for Goodnow and a sign for the Brigham Young Memorial.

Travel   .7 of a mile, passing the Town Hill Pottery.

Take the right fork, down the hill.

Wild Hopes Farm is   .3  of a mile from the fork, on the left. There is a narrow, gravel drive.  You can see the red garage from the road.

Please note:  Goodnow  Rd. becomes Town  Hill Rd.  There is a sign for Town Hill Rd. but it is turned in such a way so as to be a little confusing. Just make sure you take the right fork, heading down hill. The Farm is the 2nd driveway.