Founded in 1996, Families First is a (501) non-profit organization committed to helping special needs children and their families in Windham County in south eastern Vermont.

We serve children who are medically fragile, developmentally delayed and those who have mental health issues. Eighteen years ago, Families First began with just three families who wanted to create an agency that would be creative, nurturing and responsive to the day to day needs of families with special needs children. Today we serve over ninety families, with several referrals coming in each month.
The mission of Families First is to provide family-friendly service for children and adults living with disabilities. Our services promote independent living, enhance self-esteem, and cultivate community membership through caring and respectful relationships.

We are a Specialized Service Agency that provides Case Management, Personal Care, Shared Living, Respite, Employment Support, and many community activities. We based the services on each individual’s needs and build on identified goals created by each individuals’ team. As children approach adulthood, we help families plan for a smooth transition from graduation to work by networking with local businesses adult service agencies. Through our intake process, we assist you in determining eligibly for developmental services in Vermont. All services are funded through Medicaid.